T-SQL developer
Welcome to the T-SQL developer - a tool, intended to help SQL Server© database developers home page! Here will be posted change logs, supported features and intended features for the next releases.

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Supported features
Objects view tree
  • Hierarchy of selected database, its tables and their columns, Primary Keys (and columns consisted them), etc.
  • View table data (performs SELECT * in SQL Editor)
  • Basic operations: delete on some objects
SQL editor
  • Basic functions (cut, copy, paste, .. etc)
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Case Correcting of keywords
  • Code Completion of keywords
  • Code Completion of tables
  • Code completion of templates
Results view grid
Intended features
Objects view tree
  • Basic operations: create, delete, update on most objects
SQL editor
  • Change of words case based on preferences: to upper/lower/first letter up depending on word type
  • Code Completion of table’s columns when aliased
  • Code Completion of functions
  • Code Completion of function’s parameters
  • Describe table – shows table’s columns when the cursor is on table
  • Help from MSDN (F1 on keyword)
Results view grid
  • Export of results from SELECT statements
  • Servers’ statistics
  • Editable result set
DB Object Visual Redactor
  • Editing of tables, triggers, etc. in visual redactor
Stored Procedures Debugger
  • Full debug capabilities with breakpoints and evaluation
Import / Export Tool
  • Import / Export of database objects to a text file, sql script, etc.

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